(JRAAS) Volume 2 ~ Issue 5
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 2 ~ Issue 5

# Article Title
1 Comparative diagnosis of Mycobacterium bovis by Polymerase chain reaction and Ziel- Neilson staining technique using Milk and nasal washing
Authors: N.R.Senthil, M.R.Ranjani, K.Vasumathi
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2 Seroprevalence of Equine herpes virus (EHV1) in equidae Using serum neutralization test
Authors: N.R.Senthil, T.Parameswaran
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3 Elevation of Blood Creatine Kinase and Selected Blood Parameters after Exercise in Thoroughbred Racehorses (Equus caballus L.)
Authors: Josh Elisha R. Octura, Kyung-Joo Lee, Hyun-Woo Cho, Renato S.A. Vega, JaeYoung Choi, Jeong-Woong Park, Teak-Soon Shin, Seong-Keun Cho, Byeong-Woo Kim, Byung-Wook Cho
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