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Volume 4 ~ Issue 12

Volume 4 ~ Issue 12 (February 2017)

# Article Title
1 Synergistic Effects of Social-Business on CSR Programs
Authors: Dr. Arif Jauhar Tontowi
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2 Forecasting Agri-food Consumption Using Web Search Engine Indices
Authors: Ikhoon Jang, Young Chan Choe
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3 Why Behavioral Finance is Helpful for Investors to Decision Making Process?
Authors: Md. Enamul Kabir
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4 Market Orientation and Entrepreneurial Competence towards Competitive Advantage and Marketing Performance on Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) On Seaweed Processing
Authors: Akmal Abdullah, Salim Basalamah, Jeni Kamase, Ibrahim Dani
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5 Vat Compliance Cost for SMEs in Algeria: Burden,Complexity and Business Factors
Authors: Dr. MuzainahMansor, Mohamed Abdessadek Ferdjani
Full PDF
6 Compliance Cost under the Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) Scheme for SMEs in Malaysia
Authors: Dr. Muzainah Mansor
Full PDF
7 The Modeling of Reverse Logistics: Am Empirical Research of the Processes and Models That Are Used iGreek Mobile Sector
Authors: Panousopoulou Pagona
Full PDF
8 Assessing the Effectivenessof the Integrated Quality Management System (Iqms) At A Training College in Kwazulu-Natal
Authors: Thamsanqa Emmanuel Nxumalo, Martha Harunavamwe
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9 The Effect of Knowledge Sharing and Transfer of Training on The Performance of Employees
Authors: Indah,Yusuf,Chamariyah
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10 Marketing mix: effects of service quality and consumer behavior on loyalty. The mediating role of customer satisfaction
Authors: Rego Devila, Sosiawan Ma'mun, Ansar
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