Journal of Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN : 2348 - 2532

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1. Interpretation Of Subsurface Structure To Determine The Geothermal System Based On Gravitation Data From Mount Pandan, East Java Indonesia
2. Spatio-Temporal Changes on Spectra of Hydrothermal System at Arjuno-Welirang Volcano Complex, Indonesia
3. Determination of Heavy Metal, Cadmium, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, Nickel and Vanadium in Four Different Water Samples in Bayelsa Metropolis
4. Hopanoidsin Nigerian Oils discriminates on shore and off shore fields
5. Biodegradation ranking show Offshore and Coastal Swamp oils more degraded in Niger Delta Basin
6. Water Resource Management Using Population-Based, Dual- Criterion Simulation-Optimization Algorithms to Generate Alternatives
8. Implementing Fuel Cells in Vehicles by Using Nanotechnology to Store Hydrogen
9. An Assessment of Water Distribution System in the North Western Part of the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti
10. Spatial Distribution of Dump Sites in the Federal Polytechnic
11. Landsat Data for Quantifying Impacts of Land and Land Cover Changes on Water resources of Rufiji Delta
12. Application of Geospatial Data in Retail Banking