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Current Issue

Volume 4 ~ Issue 2 (August 2018)

# Article Title
1 Great Law of Thermodynamic (Entropy S + Counter-Entropys *) = 0
Authors: Yaroshvsevolod S.
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2 Evaluation of Civil Engineering Works for Sustainable Environment and Safety of Rural Infrastructure
Authors: Oluwadare Joshua OYEBODE
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3 Special Approach and Practices for Effective Planning, Coordination, Monitoring and Maintenance of Rural Infrastructural Projects in Nigeria
Authors: Oluwadare JoshuaOYEBODE
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4 Seasonal Variability Of Groundwater Levels, Horton Infiltration Constant And Soil Moisture Content In Coastal Aquifers Case Study-Kilifi, Kenya
Authors: Makokha Mary
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5 Can the Tetrazolium-staining test be used as an alternative to the Germination test in assessing Argan seed viability?
Authors: Mohamed Alouani, Fouzia Bani-Aameur
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6 Geotechnical Assessment of Soils within Orlu and Environs, South-eastern Nigeria
Authors: Onwubuariri C.N, Mgbeojedo T.I, Opara A.I
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