Journal of Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN : 2348 - 2532

Volume 5 ~ Issue 1

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1 Interpretation Of Subsurface Structure To Determine The Geothermal System Based On Gravitation Data From Mount Pandan, East Java Indonesia
Authors: Irma Risvana Dewi, Sukir Maryanto, Wiyono, Susilo Tugas Pinilihin
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2 Spatio-Temporal Changes on Spectra of Hydrothermal System at Arjuno-Welirang Volcano Complex, Indonesia
Authors: Rohmatul Uluwiyah, Sukir Maryanto, Abdurrouf
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3 Determination of Heavy Metal, Cadmium, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Tin, Nickel and Vanadium in Four Different Water Samples in Bayelsa Metropolis
Authors: Ezomoh, O. O., Azikiwe Samson, Sunday Blessing Egwonu, Okemmadu Anastesia Chiamaka
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4 Hopanoids in Nigerian Oils discriminates on shore and off shore fields
Authors: S. Abrakasa
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5 Biodegradation ranking show Offshore and Coastal Swamp oils more degraded in Niger Delta Basin
Authors: Sele Abrakasa, Chika Nwankwo
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6 Water Resource Management Using Population-Based, Dual- Criterion Simulation-Optimization Algorithms to Generate Alternatives
Authors: Julian Scott Yeomans
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8 Implementing Fuel Cells in Vehicles by Using Nanotechnology to Store Hydrogen
Authors: Aryaman Darda
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9 An Assessment of Water Distribution System in the North Western Part of the Federal Polytechnic Ado-Ekiti
Authors: Sesan P. Oyinkolade, Taiwo J. Oluboyede
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10 Spatial Distribution of Dump Sites in the Federal Polytechnic
Authors: Paul A. Jegede, Israel O. Taiwo
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11 Landsat Data for Quantifying Impacts of Land and Land Cover Changes on Water resources of Rufiji Delta
Authors: Job A Chaula
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12 Application of Geospatial Data in Retail Banking
Authors: Lamidi Adeyinka Jimoh
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