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1. New Black Womanhood in Gloria Naylor's the Women of Brewster Place
2. Lal Ded and Roopa Bhawani : The Two Famous Poets of Ancient Kashmir
3. Smṛti vṛtti in the Earlier Poetry of Wordsworth: A Study in the Light of Patānjali's yoga-sūtra
4. Glimpses of Cultural Memory in Roma Tearne's The Road to Urbino
5. An Ideal Contender for the Next Vishnuhood: A Deconstructive Study of Sita in Amish's Mythical World
6. Woody Allen's 'God': A Reflection on Absurdity
7. From Darkness to Light: A Journey to Self Discovery, Meaning and Fulfilment in Life in Coelho's Alchemist and Hesse's Siddhartha
8. (Re)Defining the Orwellian Precarity
9. Mother Tongue Influence of Malayalam in the English Loan Words Used In Malayalam
10. African Music: A Sound of Dissent
11. Representation of the Predicament of Tea Garden Workers in Jaya Gowala's short play "Ghum Bhanganiya Din"
12. Questioning Subalternity: Re-reading Mahasweta Devi's 'Draupadi'
13. CVF protocol: It's effectiveness among the trauma victims
14. Colonial and Neo-colonial Designs of the English Education in India
15. Socio-economic Vision of Expatriates in the works of V.S. Naipaul