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1. War and Literature: A Comparative Study of Select Works of PabloNeruda
2. Understanding the Characteristics Ofindonesian Humourousriddles
3. Projected Dichotomiesand the Bi-Cultural Pulls in the novel, Fasting, Feasting
4. The Other in Judiciary: Court as a Story of Unjust Dispensation of Justice
5. A Study of Imagery and Symbolism in Anita Desai's Novels
6. Digging the Third Eye in Literature: An Adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird
7. Paralogy of Petit Narratives: a Lyotardian Reading of James Cameron's Titanic
8. Kafka and the Metamorphosis of the Human Body
9. Financial Liberalization and Bank Performance in Nigeria: A Panel Data Analysis
10. Using Body as a Bunker: Understanding Indira (Mamoni) Goswami's resisting women in her writings with special reference to the short story "the Offspring"
11. Study of Postmodern Elements in the Novel Schlafgänger
12. Remigration: A Flammable Issue in Caryl Phillips' Novel a State of Independence
13. A Critical Study of Amit Chaudhuri's Selected Fiction
14. Childhood Relationships: Unprecedented Portrayal in Margaret Atwood's Cat's Eye
15. Globalisation and Its Impact on Human Resource Management
16. Making Sense of Memory in The Sense of an Ending
17. Eco-sensitivity in Nilim Kumar's poetry
18. Money Politics in Nigeria's Fourth Republic: Implications for Electoral Process and Democratic Consolidation
19. Fresh Water Resources in India and Its Management for Better Future
20. Women Participation and Political Leadership in Africa: A Case of Nigeria