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Current Issue

Volume 5 ~ Issue 8 ( August 2017)
# Article Title
1 Harmony in Philip Larkin's Poems
Authors: Dr. Pallavi Upadhyay
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2 The Influence of Religiosity on Marital Satisfaction and Stability AmongChristians in Kenya
Authors: Webbo Roselynne Kyambi, Kihara Michael, KarumeMichelle
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3 The Teller & The Tales: A Study of The Novels of Amitav Ghosh
Authors: Nilanjan Bala
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4 Exploring the Effectiveness of the Arabic LanguageTeaching Methods in Indonesia:National University of Malang - Indonesiafor Sample
Authors: Dr.Achmad Yani
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5 Modeling – Based Instructional Strategy for Enhancing Problem Solving Ability In Physics Among Students At Secondary School Level
Authors: Dr. A. Sudharma, Sethu. S. Nath
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6 Recruitment Practices And Staff Performance In Public Universities: A Case Study of Masinde Muliro University of Science And Technology, Kenya
Authors: Jocelyne Silako Mukwa, Dr. Ferdinand Nabiswa
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7 The Sov'reign Shrine of Veiled Melancholy- The Shadow of Consumption on La Belle Dame Sans Merci
Authors: Abhik Maiti M.A (Double)
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8 Pesse Na Siri' Budgetary System: A Historiography Study of Luwu Kingdom in Islamic Period
Authors: Andi Mattingaragau Tenrigau, Darwis Said
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