Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 6 ~ Issue 7

# Article Title
1 Concept Of Eco-Criticism In T S Eliot's Poetry
Authors: Dr Anupama Verma
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2 Emergence of the Autonomous Self from the Institutional Matrices: A Study of Bama and Lee Maracle's Life Narratives
Authors: C.Susila
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3 Constructing Narratives In A Patriarchal Culture: The Case Of Kamala Das
Authors: Ashapurna Dash
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4 Alienation, Identity Crisis And Trap Of Memory: A Probe Into Mahesh Dattani's Final Solutions
Authors: Suswagata Chowdhury
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5 Marquezian Parallels And The Feeling Of The Absurd In
Authors: Methil Radhakrishnan's "Kayarinte Attam
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6 National Question, The Niger Delta And The Politics Of Revenue Allocation In Nigeria
Authors: Oluwasuji C. Olawole, Phd
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7 Primaute Et Enjeu D'un Systeme De Guerison Traditionnelle : Etude Des Déterminants Sociaux Du Lavement Rectal Chez Les Ehotile D'Etueboue
Authors: Diabate Songui, Kambe Kambé Yves, Ainyakou Taïba Germaine
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8 Child Health Level In Turkey And The Role Of Midwife
Authors: Elif DAĞLI
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9 A Reading Of The Fairy World And The Forest In A Midsummer Night's Dream In The Light Of Ecocritism
Authors: Tahirul Islam
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10 Babar Bānī and Karana Rasa: Explanation of Oppression
Authors: BalvinderKaur
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11 egkdfo dkfynkl ds izdfYir tUe LFkku dh fo'ys"k.kkRed leh{kk MkW- fu'kk dqekjh ,oe~ MkW- Jhçdk'k jk;
Authors: laLd`r foHkkx
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