Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 7 ~ Issue 5

# Article Title
1 Emotional development to nourish and develop positive emotions
Authors: Dr. Mohd Muzaffar Hussain Khan
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2 Physico - Chemical and Bacterial Quality of Mineral Waters and Cool Drinks
Authors: Dr.Gangadhar.M.Sajjanar
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3 Internet Use Behavior among Internet Addicted Teenagers
Authors: Dr. Farzana Begum
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4 Eclectic Aberrations in the Formulation of Syllabus for Ecocriticism
Authors: S. Sushma Raj, C.V. Padmaja, Ch. Ganeswara Rao
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5 The Historicality of Individuals and the Five Hs in Selected Poems of Joe Ushie and Niyi Osundare
Authors: Eyoh Etim
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6 Feminism through political and religious revolution in NgugiwaThiong'o'sDevil on the Cross
Authors: Nikita Ann Jacob
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7 Towards a Generosity MeasurementInstrument (GMI)
Authors: Dr. John N. Kamau, Stephen Muchami, Mary M. Njau, Nicholas Mwaura, Christopher Ngugi Kariuki
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8 Scientific literacy of undergraduate Science Education students in the University ofCalabar Cross River State Nigeria
Authors: Nja, Cecilia Obi (Ph.D)
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9 Company Attributes and Firm Value of Listed Consumer Goods Companies in Nigeria
Authors: Kabiru Shuaibu, Ibrahim Ali, Ibrahim Moh'd Amin
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10 Remodelling Society the Rowling Way
Authors: Dr. V.Vijayalayan
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11 Khalid Nabi's Shrine and Cemetery
Authors: Ghada El Gemaiey
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