Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 8 ~ Issue 1

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1 Panchayati Raj System and Democratic Decentralization: Indian Experience
Authors: Zahied Rehman Ganie, Mujeeb-ur- Rehman Ganie
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2 Social determinants of street childrenphenomenon and their family reintegration in Parakou (North Benin)
Authors: Dr. Soulé EL-HADJ IMOROU
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3 Polytechnic Education and poverty Reduction in Nigeria: Challenges & Prospects
Authors: OLUWATUSIN, A. O. (PHD), DAISI, S. A.
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4 Usage of the Assamese Language in Assam: Dialectal Varieties Vis-A-Vis the Standard Language
Authors: Meghali Kalita, Dr.Baishalee Rajkhowa
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5 Class and Caste-Based Social Formation: A Retrospective Study on the Kaivartas & Nisadas of Assam
Authors: Dr Kamal Chandra Pathak, Dr Pathak
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6 Locus of Control among College Students
Authors: Ramya S., Prof. (Dr.) T.V.Thulasidharan
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7 Calidad de vida de los hogares en el Estero Salado, Sector La Chala, Guayaquil – Ecuador Quality of life of households in the Estero Salado, Sector La Chala, Guayaquil - Ecuador
Authors: Ph.D. Sergio Leonardo Pino Peralta, MSc. Danilo Vicente Barros Salazar, MSc. Lila Arcelia Sisalema Morejón, Sr. Jorge Enrique Bocca Gallegos, Sr. Miguel Aquiles Rodríguez Triana
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8 The Iron Ladies of India and their Role in the Freedom Struggle
Authors: Arif Mushtaq
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9 I, You and the In-between; a Move towards the Third Space
Authors: Sugandha Malhotra
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10 Mining drug usage from social media using Machine learning algorithms
Authors: V.Nagamani Vadlamani, D.Divya Sri, B.Nikitha, D.Jagadeesh, D.Srinadh
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11 Drivers of Naxalism in India: Key to Successful Resolution of Naxal Problem
Authors: Pawitter Mohan Bali, Jain Pooja
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12 Encountering Outsiders and Recovering Repressed Memories: On Animalistic Allegories in Aminatta Forna's The Hired Man
Authors: Qingyang Zhou
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