Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 8 ~ Issue 10

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# Article Title
1 The Status of The Palestinian Cause In The Iranian Competition For Regional Influence
Authors: Osama M. Abu Nahel
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2 Turkey, China and India: Is it time to rethink investing in emerging markets?
Authors: xxxxxxx
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3 Population Growth & Unemployement
Authors: Dr. Satish Kumar Shrivastava
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4 Some Considerations on Values in the Wake of National Socialism. The Proposal of Arnold Brecht
Authors: Isabel Ruiz-Gallardón
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5 Gender Role in Marriage: A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective of A Game of Thrones
Authors: Dr. Shaheen Ebrahimkutty A.V, Smita Dhantal
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6 Educational and Literarycontributions of K. P. Karuppan in Kerala Society
Authors: Lalini M.
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7 3 Years of GST Implementation in India: A State-Level Performance Analysis
Authors: Sumedha Pandey
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8 Educational Challenges Faced By Student Community Due To Covid-19
Authors: Dr. Bilaishri Brahma
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9 Financial Savings in Mutual Funds and Economic Growth
Authors: Aditi Pandey
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10 Effects of Modern Education on the Muslim Women
Authors: Firdaus Bano
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