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Current Issue

Volume 3 ~ Issue 5 (April 2017)

# Article Title
1 Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling and Turning for Machining Process in Xintai Indonesia
Authors: Sutarman, Haryono EdiHermawan, Sarmidi
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2 The Energy and The Work Of Engine
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3 Characterization of ABS Material: A Review
Authors: Suraj Kumar Vishwakarma, Pankaj Pandey, Nitin Kumar Gupta
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4 Energy And Emission Analysis in the Highway Transportation Sector of Turkey
Authors: Murat Cetin
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5 Application of Binary And Hexadesimal Conversion Conservation in Motif Design Weaving
Authors: Sarmidi Stmikdci, Sutarman Stmik Triguna Utama
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