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Volume 3 ~ Issue 7

Volume 3 ~ Issue 7 (April 2017)

# Article Title
1 Simulation of Double Pendulum
Authors: Abdalftah Elbori, Ltfei Abdalsmd
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2 Simple Obfuscation Tool for Software Protection
Authors: Ján Hurtuk, Branislav Madoš
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3 Steganographic Technique Using Instant Messaging Conversation Dynamics
Authors: Branislav Madoš, Ján Hurtuk
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4 Vulneración De Derechos A Mujeres En Comunidades Rurales De La Sierra De Tabasco
Authors: Dra. Lily Lara Romero, Dra. Isi Verónica Lara Andrade, Lic. Sheila Guadalupe Cadena Nieto
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5 Architecture Application Model View Controller (Mvc) in Designing Information System of Msme Financial Report
Authors: Rinci Kembang Hapsari, Azmuri Wahyu Azinar, Sugiyanto
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