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Volume 3 ~ Issue 9

Volume 3 ~ Issue 9 October 2016)


# Article Title
1 Attitude towards Academic Misconduct, Cheating and Plagiarism: A Cultural & Religious Perspective
Authors: Prof. Hatem O Qutub, Dr. Abdul Sattar Khan, Dr. Rabel Khawaja
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2 Evaluation of The Shear Bond Strength of Laser Sintered Alloy, Cast Base Metal Alloys And Titanium Containing Alloy (Tilite) to Porcelain –A Comparative in-Vitro Study.
Authors: Dr. Gursahiba Sahni, Dr.Vijaysinh More
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3 Clinical & Pathological Study of Management of Liver Abscess by Continuous Percutaneous Drainage Using Malecot's Catheter
Authors: Dr. M.M Rehman, Dr. K.Aashish, Dr. B. Anil Kumar
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4 Morphological Variations of Cystic Artery in Triangle of Calot in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Experience in Tertiary Care Surgical Unit in South Asian Country.
Authors: V. Abeysuriya, S. Kumarage, R. Hasan, J.A.A.S. Wijesinghe
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5 Experience on Endoscopic Management of Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injuries Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Authors: R. Hasan, V. Abeysuriya, N.M.M. Nawarathne, J.A.A.S. Wijesinghe
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6 Conservative Management of Pink Tooth- A Case Report
Authors: Gundre Priyanka P. BDS, Bhagwat Sumita A. MDS, Padhye Leena V. MDS
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7 Distribution of ABO Blood Groups And Resus Factor (RH) in ALBIYDA /LIBYA.
Authors: Kawakeb A.O.Saad
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8 Implications of Prolactin Abnormalities on the Male Reproductive Tract and Male Factor Infertilityt
Authors: R. Hasan, J.A.A.S. Wijesinghe
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9 To Study the Resolution of Electrocardiogram Changes As A Non-Invasive Predictor of Clinical Outcome And Prognosis in Post Thrombolytic Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction in A Tertiary Care Centre of North India
Authors: Timothy Rajamanickam, Sumeet Davit, Amit Mahajan, Navjot Singh
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10 Isolation and Evaluation of Diagnostic Potential of Tubercular ES-6 Antigen and Its Antibody
Authors: Ratanmani.T, Kumar. S, Mohod K
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11 Variations in Course of Inferior Epigastric Artery- Importance in Laproscopic Surgery
Authors: Jay Kishor Soren, M.S.Gond, Dhananjay Sharma, Vivek Srivastav
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12 In Vitro Antimicrobial Efficacy of Zinc Oxide with Peppermint Oil in Comparison to Zinc Oxide Eugenol against Four Root Canal

Authors: Dr.Nilima Thosar, Dr.Manoj Chandak, Dr.Manohar Bhat, Dr.Silpi Basak
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13 Estimation and Comparison of the Thickness of the Maxillary Antral Floor in Sagittal and Coronal Sections Using CBCT Images - A Retrospective Study
Authors: Dr. Ruchika Garg, Dr. Arvind Shetti, Dr. Anjana Bagewadi
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