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Volume 7 ~ Issue 2 (February 2019)

# Article Title
1 Economic Analysis of Fisherfolks' Willingness to Pay for Improved Management of Water Hyacinth in Lake Victoria, Kenya
Authors:Samuel Otieno John, William Bett Kiprotich, Dr. Hillary Kaburi Ndambiri, Dr. Vikki O'Neill
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2 Effect of Project Management on the Performance of Selected Construction Firms in Nigeria
Authors: Dr. Cross Ogohi Daniel
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3 Valuación Y Contabilización De Opciones Europeas: Compra Y Venta ConsiderandoLa Paridad del Tipo de CambioDel Dólar, Euro, Libra Y Yen
Authors: Itzel Gómez Pinto, Dra. Fabiola de Jesús Mapén Franco, Dr. José Antonio Climent Hernández
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4 The Sino Investment Land Rush in Africa : Understanding the Motives and Prospects for a Win - Win Scenario
Authors: Grace Oluseyi Oshinfowokan Ph.D.
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5 Desarrollo de personas
Authors: DBA, Jorge Fernando Lasso Molina
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6 The Influence of Audit Quality Attribute Satisfaction Audit Reports on the Results of the Examination of South East Sulawesi Province Government Inspectorate (Case Study Segway South East Sulawesi Province Government)
Authors: Helmy Kris Wibowo, Syarifuddin, Tawakkal
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7 Influence of E-learning in Training & Development system and Organizational study
Authors: Prem Knowles S, Ebron Shaji, Dr.Mohan Kumar
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Authors: Dr. Rajeshwari M. Shettar
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9 Factors Affecting Farmers to Do Functionsof Agriculturallandsto Non Agriculture in Maros District
Authors: A EdwarSaputra, IMade Benyamin, Nursini
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