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Volume 2 ~ Issue 10

Volume 2 ~ Issue 10 (November 2014)

# Article Title
1 Do tax authorities abide by their core principles when collecting revenue? : A case of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority.
Authors: Dr Joseph Bemani
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2 Spotlighting Intellectual Capital to Compete For the Future
Authors: Anthony Thiagarajan, Dr. Utpal Baul
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3 Effects of Intention Mediation towards Attitude, Subjective Norms and Perceived Behavioral Control on Taxpayers' Behavior
Authors: Andi Kusumawati, Abdul Halim, Darwis Said, Mediaty
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4 Effects of Independence Mediation on the Influence of Role Ambiguity, Role Conflict and Auditors' Competence Towards Internal Audit Quality
Authors: Jamaluddin, Muhammad Ali, Mediaty, Syarifuddin
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5 Mediating Effect of Financial Performance on the Influence of Size of Company, Capital Structure, Good Corporate Governance and Macro Fundamentals on Corporate Value
Authors: Lukman Purnomosidi, Suhadak, Hermanto Siregar, M. Dzulkirom
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6 Mediation Effect of Cultural Capital on the Influence of Human Resources Capital and Physical Resources Capital Towards Regional Financial Condition of the Government of South Sulawesi
Authors: Nirwana, Abdul Halim, Darwis Said, Abdul Hamid Habbe
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7 The Effects Of General Allocation Funds, Special Allocation Funds And Revenue-Sharing Funds On Investment, Economic Growth, Economic Structure, And Employment
Authors: Ilham Tajuddin, Basri Hasanuddin, Rahmatia, Paulus Uppun
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8 Effects of Innovation Mediation on the Influence of Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurial Orientation towards the Performance of Small Enterprises
Authors: Rukaiyah, Abd Rahman Kadir
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