Journal of Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN : 2348 - 2532

Volume 3 ~ Issue 1

# Article Title
1 Radiogenic Heat Production in Some Sites of Irecê Sedimentary Basin, Bahia, Brazil
Authors: Bruna Dantas, Manoel Jerônimo Moreira Cruz
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2 Putative Martian Microbes Formed Plentiful Ooids on Mars.
Authors: Liangtai Lin
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3 The Study of Heat Convection Flow Around AUM Geothermal Area of South Sumatra, Indonesia
Authors: Frinsyah Virgo, Erni, W. Suryanto, Wahyudi
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4 Geospatial Training, Career and Competencies: A Case For Polytechnic Education.
Authors: Ishola, K.O., Surv.Oyinkolade, S. P.
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