Journal of Research in Environmental and Earth Sciences
ISSN : 2348 - 2532

Volume 5 ~ Issue 2

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# Article Title
1 Turbidity forecasting in the Delaware River
Authors: Pere López Brosa, Antonio Monleón-Getino, Javier Méndez Viera, Francisco Lucena Gutiérrez
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2 Irrigation Water Quality Assessment in Vanivilas Sagar Reservoir Catchment
Authors: Bhagwat, T.N., Lamani, S. N.
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3 Comparing levels of air pollutants in New Delhi, India one year after emergency level conditions and policy changes
Authors: Sai Shruti Sood
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4 Hydrological Drought Assessment: The Use of the ARRF Model for Monthly Streamflow Generation on Intermittent Rivers of the Northeast Brazil
Authors: Marcos Airton de Sousa Freitas, Gabriel Belmino Freitas
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5 Establishment of Safe Distances for Installation of A 500 kVA Sound Proof Electric Power Generator at A Non-Work Environment
Authors: Ekott, E. E., Akankpo, A. O., Essien, I. E., Adeniran, A. O., Peter, A. J.
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6 Upper Mantle Conductivity determined from the Solar Quiet Day Ionospheric Currents in the Equitorial and Low Latitudes of Africa
Authors: C. G. Njumogu, T. N. Obiekezie
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