Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 7 ~ Issue 1

# Article Title
1 Clash of Colour among Women in Toni Morrison's Tar Baby
Authors: Dr. Amirthavalli Asokan, Dr.S.Nithiya
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2 Discourse in the New Style: the Virtual World Swaps Memes and Emojis For Lexes and Emotions
Authors: Dr. Sujarani Mathew, Aswathy Maheswaran
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3 Guilt and Fear in Anglo-Indian Tales: A Psychoanalytic Study of Rudyard Kipling's 'The Story of Din Muhammad' and Alice Perrin's 'Chunia, Ayah'
Authors: Abhijit Maity
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4 Enchantment and Sorrow: The Fictional World of Gabrielle Roy
Authors: Nikita Ann Jacob
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5 Interdisciplinary Deployment of Analogies: A Glance at Science and Literature
Authors: Ms. Peenaz Khan, Mr. Soumyadeep Laha
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6 Influence of Donor Funding on Academic Achievement of Public Secondary Schools in Nyamaiya Division, Nyamira County, Kenya
Authors: Jane Nyanchama Nyakoe
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7 Human Nature and Psychological Insights
Authors: Md. Rezwanul kabir, Mahamud Akash, Akter Jesmin, Shoara Akter
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8 Re-Reading Mahesh Dattani'sTara
Authors: Dr Deeba
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9 The Notion of Self and Gender Dimensions in Third World African Fiction
Authors: Mereena Eappen
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10 Partition of Bengal, Swadeshi Movement and the Role of Rabindranath Tagore
Authors: Priyanka Mitra
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11 Critical Introduction of Solow Growth Theory
Authors: Kasun D Ramanayake R.A
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1 The Role of the Unconscious in Hallucination
Authors: Atashi Ghosh
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2 Governance of rural livelihoods and adaptation to climate variability and change in Zimbabwe: Enhancement considerations in Chadereka
Authors: Albert Manyani, Urmilla Bob, Nelson Chanza1; Emmanuel Mavhura1
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3 The Clutches of Patriarchal Society on Women: a Study on Arundhati Roy's the God of Small things and Anita Nair's Ladies Coupe
Authors: Dr.R.Radhika
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4 The Poet, the Man, and the Revolutionary: A Study of Multiple Perspectives in William Butler Yeats' "Easter 1916"
Authors: Midhulaj P
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5 A Study on the Customer Satisfaction towards Online Shopping in Pandalam Locality
Authors: Parvathy.R.Nair
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6 Bards of Social Media: Metaphysical Conceits in Facebook Poetry
Authors: Febi Abraham
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7 O. P. Bhatnagar's Vision of Indian Social Psychology in Indian Linguistic Context
Authors: Dr. Ananta Geetey Uppal
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8 Harbinger of Indian Culture and its advancement toward the New Age: an Unbreakable bond of Past and Present
Authors: Dr. Reena Mishra
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9 Between Race and Human Rights: Meridian Hill's Therapeutic Journey as a Civil Rights and Human Rights Activist in Alice Walker's Meridian
Authors: Kavita Dhillon, Dr. Dinesh Babu P
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10 Identity Crisis: a Search of Self
Authors: S.Rajeshwari
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11 Rebel Women and Love in Sarat Chandra Chatterjee's Srikanta
Authors: Anshita Sharma
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12 Punningin Humour and Rhetoric Studies (A Case Study in Indonesian and Arabic)
Authors: Maman Lesmana
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13 Attitude Factor influencing Regular Pupils towards the Physically Challenged Pupils in Primary Schools in Kericho County
Authors: Jeniffer Chepkoech Maiwa
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