Journal of Research in Humanities and Social Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9467

Volume 8 ~ Issue 6

Certificates Cover Page
# Article Title
1 The Impact of Religion on International Trade: A case study approach
Authors: Laila Ferdousy
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2 Components of an Off-Grid Solar Power System
Authors: Yashpal Gogia
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3 A Glimpse of Khasi Dance in Khasi Society
Authors: Ingenuity BaiahunSwer
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4 Psychological Needs, Perceived Acceptance and Relational Aggression in Young Adults
Authors: Madeeha Nausheen || Nandini Sanyal
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5 Mimesizing and Adapting: A Study of Dinning Table in Product Sculpture Practice
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6 Martin Heidegger's Concept of Fallennness: An Expository Analysis
Authors: Evaristus Chimaobi Mmadudiri || Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu PhD
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7 "The Role of Women" In That Long Silence
Authors: Sreelakshmy.S
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8 A Typological Classification of Megaliths of Mizoram
Authors: A.Lalramnghaka
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