Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 076X   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0791

Volume 3 ~ Issue 11

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1 A Clinical and Laboratory Profile of 100 Cases of Childhood Malaria in A Private Teaching Hospital in Northern India
Authors: Satish C Agrawal
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2 Design of Derma Sticks of Tulasi for the Treatment of Skin Disorders.
Authors: K. Purushotham Rao, Savita Sonawane, Rajashree Ingin, Pratima S, Anuradha Patil, Prashant Sagare
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3 Chronic Consumption of Calabash Chalk (NZU) Diet on Learning and Memory in Swiss White Mice
Authors: Owhorrji,B.I; Osim, E.E; Nwankwo, A.A; Iheukwumere, C.
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4 Contralateral Axillary Metastasis in Breast Cancer: Case Reports
Authors: Dr. Aparna Sinha, Dr. D.K. Sinha, Prof R.G. Baxla, Dr. Pankaj Bodara, Dr. M. Mundu, Dr. C.P. Sinha, Dr. Aftab Ahmed, Dr. Sumegha Rana
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5 Clinical Study and Surgical Management of Intestinal Obstruction in Adults
Authors: Dr. Shashi kumar, Dr.Sushil kumar, Dr.Bikram kumar, Dr.Mritunjay sarawgi, Dr.Anjay kumar
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6 Assessment of Macrophage Inflammatory Protein - I α Levels in Saliva and Gingival Crevicular Fluid in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis.-Original Research
Authors: R.Raja, S.Rajasekar, R.Mythili, S.Senthil Kumar, S.Sethupathi, John William Felix
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7 Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy under Spinal Anesthesia With 2% Lignocaine Instillation over Phrenic Nerve-A Single Centre Experience.
Authors: Dr. Alok Chandra Prakash, Dr Amit Kumar
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8 Endodontic Management of Mandibular First Molar with Middle Mesial Canal – Case Reports
Authors: Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, Dr. Seema,D. Pathak, Dr. M. B. Wavdhane, Dr. S. B. Khedgikar, Dr. Reshma Sakharkar
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9 Post caesarean section wound gaping: Discussing the problem and treatment options
Authors: Dr.S.B.Patil, Dr. Shree Harsh, Dr. Rahul Nikam, Dr.V. Manjunath L Venkateswaran, Dr.Surajsinh Amarsinh Chauhan, Dr. Rupesh Gopal Thakare
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10 Outcome Analysis of Low Pressure versus Standard Pressure Pneumoperitoneum on Operative Difficulty and Complications in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy – A non-randomized clinical study
Authors: Awanish Kumar, Akshay Anand, Suresh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar Kushwaha, Harvinder Singh Pahwa, Abhinav Arun Sonkar
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