Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
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Volume 4 ~ Issue 5

# Article Title
1 A Feeding Appliance for an Infant with Cleft Palate – A Case Report
Authors: Sabzar Abdullah, Geeta Rajput, Mehbooba Khazir, AnkitVerma, Afzal Ahmad, Asma Usmani
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2 History and Selection of Pit and Fissure Sealents – A Review
Authors: Pravek Khetani, Purva Sharma, Shalini Singh, Vaishak Augustine, KaveriBaruah, Vijay Kumar Thumpala, Rahul VC Tiwari
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3 Evaluation of Occlusive Diseases in Cervical Arteries in Patients of Acute Ischemic Stroke- A Ct Angiography Based Study
Authors: Navneet Kaur
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4 Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of Doxycycline As An Adjunct to Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy on the Metabolic Control of Poorly Controlled Type 2 Diabetic Subjects with Chronic Generalized Periodontitis – A Clinical Study
Authors: Dr. Roshni Ramesh, Dr. Arun Sadasivan, Dr. Bindu R Nayar
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5 Evaluation of Breast Cancer in Reference to Skin Changes
Authors: Dr.Mritunjay Sarawgi, Dr.Sushil Singh, Dr. Anjay Kumar, Dr.Shalini Ekka, Dr. Shashi Kumar
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6 Incidence of Glaucoma & Diabetic Retinopathy in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus in A Teaching Hospital
Authors: Dr. Beena R, Dr. Thiruvengada Senthilkumar G, Dr. Raja R
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7 Prostate Screening Among Doctors in Aba, South Eastern Nigeria
Authors: Uche CL, Alaje AK, Chikezie J, Abali, Ubani-Ukoma C
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8 Tmj Ankylosis In Still's Disease – A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Pravin Patel, Dr. Anil Managutti, Dr. Shailesh Menat, Dr. Jigar Tandel, Dr. Jigar Patel
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9 Patient Data Collection Methods. Retrospective Insights
Authors: Julia Ferencz, MD, Cosmin-Nicolae Serban
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10 A Review on Endodontic Management in Traumatized Permanent Teeth
Authors: Dr. Queentaj Baruah, Dr. Rahul VC Tiwari, Dr. Abhijit Pallewar, Dr. Heena Dixit, Dr. Shalini Singh, Dr. Vijay Kumar Thumpala
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11 Study on Clinical observation in Patients Presenting With Right Iliac Fossa Pain - Acute Appendicitis V/S other Causes
Authors: Dr. Mritunjay Sarawgi, Dr. Sushil Singh, Dr. Anjay Kumar, Dr. Pavan Kumar M, Dr. Sachin Kumar Singh
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12 Patient Related Barriers Associated with Under Enrollment In Hospice: A Review
Authors: Nijmeh Al-AtiyyatPh.D, RN, Ayesha SulemanAyed Hussein, MSN, RN
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13 Mandibular Third Molar And Inferior Dental Canal- A Tricky Situation
Authors: Dr. Kanwaldeep Singh Soodan, Dr. Pratiksha Priyadarshni
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14 Radiological Findings in Infertile Men in a Fertility Centre in Jos, Nigeria
Authors: Ofoha C.G., Igoh E.O., Egeonu H.O., Galam Z.Z., Dakum N.K
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15 Treatment After Illness of Early Childhood Caries - Clinical Case Report
Authors: Dr. Dobrinka Damyanova Phd, Dr. Elitsa Sabeva Phd, Dr. Mariya Miteva-Hristova Phd
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16 Fabrication of Complete Dentures for A Patient with Resorbed Mandibular Anterior Ridge Using All Green Technique
Authors: Sabzar Abdullah, Gourav singh, Mahbooba Khazir, Ankit verma, AFZAL AHMAD
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