Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 076X   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0791

Volume 4 ~ Issue 8

# Article Title
1 Evaluation of Changes in Bone Height And Bony Union In Free Fibula Flap for Microvascular Reconstruction of Mandible
Authors: Suresh Babu P, Sobhana C R, Delesh Krishnan K R, Saurabh Kumar Rawat
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2 Comparative Analysis Between Age and Endodontic Treatment of The Temporal Dentition
Authors: Dr. Dobrinka Damyanova Phd, Dr. Sirma Angelova PhD
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3 Retrospective And Prospective Evaluation of Sloan Kettering Nomogram for Assessment of Axillary Lymph Node Involvement in Carcinoma Breast At Avbrh, Wardha
Authors: Dr Vivek Sharan Sinha, Dr Raju Shinde
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4 Fabrication of Complete Dentures For A Patient with Resorbed Ridge Using Neutral Zone Technique
Authors: Dr. Gaurav Singh
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5 Reducing Mosquitoes in Homes in Afienya, Ghana
Authors: Thomas M. Kollars, Jr., Alfred Clottey, Emmanuel Clottey, Peggy G. Kollars
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6 Relative Ratios of Methods Applied for Endodontic Treatment of Primary Teeth
Authors: Dobrinka Damyanova, Sirma Angelova, Radosveta Andreeva- Borisova, Elena Dimova
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7 Comparison of Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase Levels During Proliferative And Secretory Phases of Normal Menstrual Cycle
Authors: Dr. M. Alice jemeema
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8 Abdominal Ultrasound Findings in Patients with Pathologies Associated Ascites
Authors: Kamal Badawi, Mohamed Idris, Yasser Seddeg
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9 Anatomical Variations of the Anterior communicating Artery among Sudanese populations –A Radiological Study
Authors: Kamal Badawi, Aya Eltyb, Yasser Seddeg
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