Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 076X   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0791

Volume 5 ~ Issue 6

# Article Title
1 The Prevalence of Carotid Artery Calcifications in Periodontology Clinics in Eastern Turkish Population
Authors: Hacer Sahin Aydinyurt
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2 Comparative Evaluation of Perimarginal Enamel Demineralization among Total Etch, Two Step Self-Etch and One Step Self-Etch Bonding Agents with Nanofilled and Microhybrid Composites - A Scanning Electron Microscopic Study
Authors: Dr.Ravinder Kumar Bhagat, Dr.Ankush Jasrotia, .Dr.Kanchan Bhagat
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3 Evaluation of Oral health Status and patterns of Oral diseases in rural population of Uttar Pradesh; Descriptive cross sectional study
Authors: Shivesh Acharya || Shruti Singh || Sarabjot Kaur Bhatia
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4 Management of odontogenic Space Infection - a Case Report
Authors: Dr. Snehal Vangikar, Dr. Rashmi V Gaikwad
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5 Knowledge and Attitude of Drug Sellers towards Dispensing Antibiotic in Mysore City: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Authors: Dr. Rachna Raj, Dr. Vikas Vaibhav, Dr. Thippeswamy HM., Dr. CVK Reddy, Dr. Mobeen Khan
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6 Comparative Evaluation of Staining Effect of 0.2% Chlorhexidene Mouthwash with Antidiscoloration System and 0.2% Chlorhexidene Mouthwash – A Clinical Study
Authors: Dr. Prabhati Gupta, Dr. Suhail Majid Jan, Dr. Roobal Behal
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7 Screening and Assembling of Tartar Forming Bacteria from Dental Plaque by Pattern of Antibiotic Sensitivity
Authors: Avra Pratim Chowdhury, Raunak Raj Singh, Sudip Das, Cheman Sangma
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8 Role of Hand Washing to prevent Nosocomial infection in Neurosurgical wards at RIMS Ranchi Jharkhand India
Authors: Dr Alok Chandra Prakash, Dr Anand Prakash
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9 Quantitative Measurements of Blood Flow Parameters in Normal Internal Carotid Arteries with Color Doppler Ultrasonography and Vascular Stenosis Index of Stenotic Vessels
Authors: Dr. Mete Özdikici, MD, PhD
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