Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
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Volume 7 ~ Issue 8

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# Article Title
1 Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Lung and Its Mimicker
Authors: Dr. Soumya T R, Dr. Sankar Sundaram, Dr. Lekshmidevi
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2 Socio Demographic Profile of Cancer Patients attending tertiary care teaching hospital of India
Authors: Abas Khan, Farooq A Jan, Haroon Rashid
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3 Theoretical Aspects of Stress: A Review Article
Authors: Nadya Avramova
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4 Ocular involvement and visual outcome of herpes zoster ophthalmicus among patients attending a tertiary care centre
Authors: Dr Dipanjali Majumder, Dr Phani Kumar Sarkar, Dr Pranabes Chakraborti, Dr Paruldeep Chakma, Dr Vishnu Devaraj
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5 Immunohistochemistry of kidney and mesenteric tissues of heterozygous Pkd2 knock out mice as an investigatory tool for detecting endothelial dysfunction in polycystic kidney disease
Authors: Adekoya Adebowale Olayinka (PhD)
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6 Ocular Injury; Hazard to Society: A Case Series
Authors: Dr Rashmi kujur, Dr Pallavi. M.P, Dr Harshita Dubey, Dr Varsha
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7 Infection in Kidney Transplantation: Mind the Gap
Authors: Adekoya AO, Johnson BO, Oladimeji S, Amisu M
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8 Mechanism of 3d Printing in Medicine and Dentistry
Authors: Dr.Bharani Krishna.T M.D.S, Dr.Ch.Ram Sunil M.D.S, Dr.Ch.Sujana M.D.S, Dr.D.Loknathan Balaji M.D.S, Dr.Tejaswin. P M.D.S
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