Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
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Volume 8 ~ Issue 4

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1 Clinical effects of ultra-pulsed fractional carbon dioxide laser in the treatment of different types of onychomycosis
Authors: Lirong Chen, Caixia Hu, Yang Yang, Jiaqing Zhao, Guoqiang Zhang
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2 Patient's Compliance on Removable Orthodontic Appliance
Authors: Azrul Hafiz, Ariefah Haneem, Mohamad Ikram
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3 Drug-induced Brugada Syndrome A Need for Psychosocial Intervention
Authors: Abdalkarim Said Radwan
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4 Comparative Evaluation of Salivary pH Using 3 different dentifrices among gingivitis patients: An In vivo Study
Authors: Dr Midhun Kishor S MDS, Dr Johnson Raja James MDS, Dr.Seema G MDS, Dr Gandham Anvesh. MDS, Dr Babu salam C MDS, Dr Vijila K Raj
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5 Involvement of Joints and Deformity Pattern with Seropositivity in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Authors: Dr. Md. Jahidul Hasan, Dr. Maher Banu , Dr. Shammin Haque
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6 The Fetal Study on Cranial and Spinal Dysraphism of Neural Tube
Authors: Dr.A.Himabindu, Dr.N.Bhimaidevi
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7 Sphenoidal Air Sinuses Septum Anatomical Variations among Sudanese - A Radiological Study
Authors: Yasser Seddeg Abdulghani, Khalid Ali Salih
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8 Relationship between demographic characteristics, stress and anxiety before and after cesarean section in pregnant women
Authors: Seied Kaboli Khadigeh, Hashemi Zeinab
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Authors: xxxxxx
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10 Treatment efficiency of Self-ligation system vs. Conventional ligation system: a Review
Authors: Dr. G.Ramya Reddy, Dr. Y.Muralidhar Reddy, Dr. G.Kranthi Praveen Raj, Dr. B.Reddeppa Reddy, Dr. G.Dharmadeep
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