Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
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1. The Effect Addition of Fish Oil to BSF Larvae Growth Media as a Source of Omega-3 Based on Mixed Fermentation of Blood and Tofu on the Production and Nutrient Content Flour of BSF (Black soldier fly) Maggot
2. Informal Sources of Agricultural Credit Available Among Rural Farmers in OFU Local Government Area of Kogi State in Nigeria
3. Estimated Economic Losses Due To the Abnormality of Interval Calving In Pasundan Breeding
4. Effect of Nitrogen Fertigation on Nutrients Content and Uptake of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) under Drip Irrigation System
5. Utilization of Informal Sources of Agricultural Credit among Crop Farmers in OFU Local Government of Kogi State, Nigeria
6. Floristic composition and weed dynamics in chickpea under Jatropha based Agroforestry
7. Pathogenic Bacteria found in five Fish species sold in Bittan fish market of Bhopal


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