Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 7 ~ Issue 1

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# Article Title
1 In-vitro Nutrient Digestibility of combination Mangrove Leaves (Avicennia marina) And Rice Straw as Ruminant Feeds
Authors: Novirman Jamarun, Arief, R. Pazla, G. Yanti
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2 Measuring Productivity of Garden Egg Using Organic Manure in Latin Square Experimental Design in Kontagora Local Government Area, Niger State, Nigeria
Authors: Akinrinola C. S, Odedokun V. O,
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3 Agnihotra Homa and its Effect on Plants Possible Role of Phyohormone Brassinolide
Authors: Vasanti Limaye
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4 Microbiological Changes of Extruded Snacks Made From Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato, Cassava, Plantain, Fortified With Moringa Oleifera Powder
Authors: Uzoaga. L. N., N.A Kanu
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5 Effect of Biourine and Fungi Mycorrhiza arbuscular on Production and In-vitroNutrient Digestibility of Kumpai grass (Hymenachneamplexicaulis(Rudge) Nees) planted at Ex-coal Mine Land as Animal feed.
Authors: Hardi Syafria, Novirman Jamarun, Roni Pazla
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6 Dissipation kinetics of three toxic fipronil metabolites in water at different pH and GC-MS characterization of hydrolytic transformation products of fipronil sulfide and sulfone
Authors: Devottam Banerjee, Hemanta Banerjee, Srikumar Pal
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7 Impacts of Climate Variability and Climate on the Market Gardening Systems in Thetownships of Kandi, Malanville and Banikoara
Authors: Ibrahima KPEKPASSI, Abdoul-Ramane ABDOULAYE, Aboudou Ramanou ABOUDOU YACOUBOU M
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