Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 7 ~ Issue 7

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1 The Antimicrobial Effects of Garlic (Allium sativum) extract on Bacterial and Fungal Colonies Isolated from Diseased Garden Plants
Authors: Jo-Ann Busgith, Gomathinayagam Subramanian
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2 Heavy Metal Contamination Status of Teifera Occidentalis (Fluted Pumpkin) Grown In Uzere Oil Rich Community, Niger Delta
Authors: Chukwudi Ogwu, J.E. Azonoche, Okeke M.
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3 Inventory and floristic diversity of shrub savannas in the Franceville region, in the Southeast of Gabon
Authors: Arseine V. Mboko, Sandrine M. Bayendi Loudit, Férence N. E. Matumuini, René-Noël Poligui, Fernand Tendonkeng, Sandrine Ester Dogbé Ami, Gaël Darren Maganga, Etienne T. Pamo, Benoît S. Boukila
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4 The Status of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits Nursery Development in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas of the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia
Authors: Truayinet Mekuriaw
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5 Leopards in Captivity: A Study of the Effects of the Zoo Environment on their Behaviour
Authors: Umakanta Sethy, Sashi Bhushan Mohapatra
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6 Environmental Value of Social culture for Modern Forest Management and Implication of the Forest Rights Act. A Case study of Bagidora Forest range Southern Rajasthan
Authors: Dr. Lalit Choudhary, Tanay Vyas, Pritha Bhatt, Navneet Raj Singh Chouhan, Dr. Seema Bharadwaj
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7 Distributions of Natural Enemies of Different Phenological Periods at Papaver somniferum L. in Uşak Province of Turkey
Authors: Mahmut İSLAMOĞLU
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8 Production performance and blood profile of Ongole crossbred cattle receiving Saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation
Authors: Vivi Jusman, Arnim, Yetti Marlida, Roni Pazla
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9 Terms in the Application of Stress-strain Relations for Concrete Creep
Authors: Vojislav Mihailovic
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