Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 8 ~ Issue 1

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# Article Title
1 Profitability of Natural Rubber Production and Processing: A Case of Delta Rubber Company Limited Okomoko/Umuanyagu Etche, Rivers State
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2 Utilization of unconventional feeds, hotel waste, bakery waste, brewery by products and slaughter house by products and its composition in pigs diets
Authors: Sagar Paudel, Madhav Prasad Acharya, Netra Prasad Osti
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3 Heavy Metals Loadings of Teifera Occidentalis (Fluted Pumpkin) Grown In Ekpan (Host Community of Warri Refinery and Petrochemicals Nigeria
Authors: Chukwudi Ogwu
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4 Common Causes and Prevention of Post Harvest Losses in Fruits and Vegetables
Authors: Akanbi, Tolulope A., Ajala, Adeladun S.
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5 The Preservation of Mangrove (Avicennia Marina) Leaves through Silage and Hay As Animal Feed
Authors: Rani Winardi Wulan Sari, Novirman Jamarun, Suyitman, Khasrad, Gusri Yanti
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6 Common Factors Influencing Fodder Availability for Smallholder Dairy Farms in Mogadishu, Somalia
Authors: Shuaib Abdullahi Siad, Abdullahi Omar Mohamud, Ahmed Aidarus Ahmed, Abdullahi Abdinasir Garane
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7 Comparative Study on the Nutritional Composition of African Spinach (Amaranthus Cruentus) Produced Using Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer
Authors: AMOS, Ayuba Dzamghura, ADAMU Hussaini Ladags, ABEL, Magdaline, USMAN, Alhaji Garba, ABINYA, Rose
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8 Moringa oleifera seed oil: A review
Authors: Marinho, J.B.M.; Rabello, C.B V.; Dutra JĂșnior, W. M.
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