Journal of Research in Applied Mathematics
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 0743   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0735

Volume 5 ~ Issue 3

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1 Combined Properties of Finite Sums & Finite Products near Zero
Authors: Tanushree Biswas
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2 Rapid Prototyping System selection using multi criteria decision making methods
Authors: Dr. V. P. Darji
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3 Some Remarks about the Hilbert Transform
Authors: Maria Rosaria Capobianco, Giuliana Criscuolo
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4 Pre-Predator Model With A Double Mutualist In The Open Ecological Space
Authors: Ortiz. L, Ferreira. R , Sánchez. S, Oliveira. K, Z. Ribeiro, Lacort. M, Libório. A, RuizA. I.
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