Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8185

Volume 4 ~ Issue 1

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1 Design and Vibration Analysis of Partner 2670wb Chassis
Authors: Mr. D.Athikesavan M.E, Mr.M.D.Raj Kamal M.E., R.Vignesh, M.Dinesh ,B.Charan
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2 Mechanical Design of Exoskeleton for Hand Therapeutic Rehabilitation
Authors: Gazi Akgun, ErkanKaplanoglu, A.Emre Cetin, Osman Ulkir
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3 Absorption of Composite Material Epoxy- Phenol Formaldehyde Hybrid Blend
Authors: Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Rajab, Dr. Sabah Anwar Salman, Maher Nazem Abdullah
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4 Verification of the combustion process of selected technical materials
Authors: Michal GORZÁS
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