Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8185

Volume 7 ~ Issue 3

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1 Strateagies for Effective Implementation of Tvet Programmes in Tertiary Institutions for Sustainable Youth Empowerment In Kano State
Authors: ABUUBAIDA Abdullahi Shetima, RISH, Yusuf Yakubu, SANI Salihu Imam
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2 Utilization of Domestic Waste for Production of Biogas: Effort in Providing Energy For Heating/Lightening in Rural Communites in Nigeria
Authors: Hussaini Sheriff, Ahmadu Girgiri
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3 Analysis of Welding Characteristics in Aa 5052 Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Authors: Arunkumar K, Dhayanithi G
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