Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation
ISSN (o) : 2321 - 3795   ISSN (p) : 2321 - 3809

Volume 2 ~ Issue 11

# Article Title
1 On the Vulnerability of Behaviour-based Malware Detection Methods
Authors: Amir Mohammadzade Lajevardi, Saeed Parsa, Mohammad Javad Amiri
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2 Architecture and Development of an Automated Workflow System for Employees' Savings & Loan Scheme in Nigerian Universities
Authors: John-Otumu Adetokunbo M, Okonigene Robert E & Imhanlahimi Rebecca E
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3 Quality of water of south Rajasthan (Review artical : A case study of Distt. Dungarpur (Rajasthan))
Authors: Dr. Juzar Hussain Bohra
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