Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation
ISSN (o) : 2321 - 3795   ISSN (p) : 2321 - 3809

Volume 4 ~ Issue 2

# Article Title
1 Verifying the Detection of Concealed Malware
Authors: Liberios Vokorokos, Matúš Uchnár, Juraj Mihaľov
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2 Internet Access, Preferred Locations And Their Impact On Learning Of Female Undergraduates In AMU
Authors: Nakhat Nasreen, Noreen Jaral
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3 Gestión Estratégica con BalancedScorecard: Empresas Comercializadoras Equipos de Computación Strategic Management with Balanced Scorecard: Computer Equipment Marketing Companies
Authors: Enrique Rafael Muñoz Moreta, Mary Yesennya Saltos Chacán
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4 Direccionamiento Estratégico con Cuadro de Mando Integral para Firmas Auditoras Strategic Direction with Balanced Scorecard for Audit Firms
Authors: Mary Yesennya Saltos Chacán, Enrique Rafael Muñoz Moreta, Víctor Fabricio Ortiz Aldean
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5 Investigating scope of Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization-Multi Verse Optimizer in Software quality
Authors: Ekta Nehra
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6 The Positive and Negative Characteristics of Cloud Computing-Based Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence
Authors: Madhu N Y, Latha P H, Savitha N
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