Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation
ISSN (o) : 2321 - 3795   ISSN (p) : 2321 - 3809

Volume 8 ~ Issue 3

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1 The Effect of Parity, Year and Season of Initiation of Lactation on Milk Production Traits of a Holstein Friesian Herd in the East of Khartoum State, Sudan.
Authors: Ismail Mohamed Elfagir, Haitham Hajo, Rehab TajElsir AbdElrahaman, Abdelrahim Abubakr, Raja Mostafa
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08030107    
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2 A Model for Predicting Cryptocurrency Rates using hybrid Recurrent Neural Network-Long Short Term Memory
Authors: Olise, Oliseamaka Tamunobelema, Anireh, V.I.E, Taylor, O.E
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08030812    
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3 Social Media App Using Flutter
Authors: Prerana Talwar
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08031316    
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4 Purification of Industrial Phosphogypsum and Separation of Its Embodied Rare Earth Elements
Authors: Laila A. Guirguis, Nagwa. I. Fallila
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08031728    
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