Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering
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1. Approach of sustainability using paper as a building material in Shigeru Ban works
2. Arma Based Crop Yield Prediction Using Temperature and Rainfall Parameter Classifications
3. Potential of Eggshell Powder as Replacement for Cement in Soil Stabilization
4. Pandemic Resilience Planning
5. Integrated Modeling of Complex Objects of Geoinformational Monitoring
6. Socio – Economic Characteristics of Low Income Housing Users in Nigeria
7. A Study of Variation in Physical and Engineering Characteristics of Hybrid Granitic Rocks
8. Assessment of Electronic Planning Permit on Building Plan Approval in Lagos
9. Architectural, Museographic and Cultural Dialogues Between the Prison and the Museum: The Case of Horsens' Fængselsmuseet
10. Biogeneration: Bio-Inspired Architecture for Regenerative Built Environments
11. Study of Drainage Channels on National Roads in the Outside of the City
12. Improving Mass Housing in Nigeria through Diagnosis of Users' Satisfaction
13. Impact of Road Users Behaviour on Intersection Performanceusing Vissim Micro-Simulation


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