Journal of Architecture and Civil Engineering
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1. How Urban Form and Activities Affect Travel Pattern in Kano Metropolitan City
2. Performance Analysis of Solid Timber Columns Laminated or Sprayed With Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Using Finite Element Method (FEM)
3. Study on Reservoir Damage Mechanism and Prediction of Damage Parameters
4. Risk Management Maturity in Radjak Hospital Salemba Renovation Project
5. Value Engineering Of Architectural Work In Navalunit Building Planning, In West Papua
6. Integration of phase change materials in building walls: Passive cooling
7. Importance of Postmodern Architectureon Culturally Sustainable Designs
8. Readiness and Influence of Value Engineering Implementation at the Construction Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia (Case Study of Belawan Hospital Construction)
9. Risk Management Of Road Segment Long Preservationon Time Performance
10. Construction Implementation Aspects on the Time Performance of the Slope Handling Projects of the Rampa Poriaha/Mungkur Road Segment Progress Related To Time Management
11. Perceptions of attributable factors for clients' satisfaction in building construction Projects in Nigeria
12. Thermal conductivity of insulating materials: An overview


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