Journal of Education, Arts, Law and Multidisplinary
ISSN : 2347 - 2895

Volume 2 - Issue 1

# Article Title
1 Legal Study on Political Parties as a Corporate In Criminal Acts of Corruption and Money Laundering
Authors: Farahwati, Imron, Aziz Al-Faqih
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2 The Institutions of Intelligence and Information under Mughals (1526-1707 AD)
Authors: Dr. Waseem Rashid
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3 Checking Environmental Equilibrium in Urbanization Process in Mizoram
Authors: Lallawmsanga
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4 Role of the All India Muslim League (1906- 1914)
Authors: Dr. Parveen Usmani
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5 The Influence of Organization Communication Climate and Psychological Capital to Readiness for Change
Authors: Febrina Azzahra, Zulkarnain, Sherry Hadiyani
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