Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
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Volume 10 ~ Issue 9

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1 Childhood Cancer: Shining a Light on a Silent Battle
Authors: Baljot Kaur
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2 A Study To Assess The Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease Among Adults In Selected Area Of Community, In Puducherry
Authors: Ms. K. Jasmine, Mrs. G. Sathyavathy, DR. G. Muthamilselvi
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3 Management of Brain abscess -An institutional experience in a tertiary care hospital of eastern India
Authors: Dr. Samrendra Kumar Singh, Dr.Brajesh Kumar, Dr.Niraj Kanaujia, Dr.Brajesh kumar, Dr.Rakesh Kumar
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4 A study to assess the level of risk assessment regarding cigarette smoking among young adolescent boys residing in selected community area at puducherry
Authors: Mrs. L Kalaivani, Mr. R. Prabhakaran, Mrs. G. Muthamilselvi
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5 Nursing Care for Natural Childbirth with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Study
Authors: Nyak Saffanah Prijella, Darmawati, Mira Rizkia
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6 A Study to Assess the Development of Social Concerns in Individuals with Skin Picking Symptoms Among Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Children At Selected Homes, Puducherry
Authors: Mrs. P.Nathiya, P. Padmavathi
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7 Enhancing Pediatric Orthodontics with the 2x4 Appliance: Benefits and Considerations
Authors: Kalisipudi Sandeep, Meghana Lanka, Punithavathy R, Satyam Martha, Nikhila Amudala, Mohammad Abdul Sadik, Mupparapu Anudeep
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8 Treating Chronic Migraine with Traditional Siddha therapy- A case study
Authors: Dr Bhuvanagiri Sathya Sindhuja , Injarapu Sankar , Dr Ram Mohan Reddy , Dr Shweta Tiwari
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9 Childhood-onset systemic lupus erythematosus: about 3 cases in sub-Saharan black Africa
Authors: AYOUBA TINNI Ismael, YAMEOGO Wendyam Nadège, OUEDRAOGO Mariam, ZABSONRE/TIENDREBEOGO Wendlassida Joelle Stéphanie, KABORE Fulgence, BONKOUNGOU Marcellin, OUEDRAOGO Dieu-Donné
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10 A study to evaluate the degree of knowledge and practical understanding of COVID-19 among family members of III Year B.Sc Nursing students in selected college Coimbatore
Authors: J.Grena Msc (N)
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11 A Systematic Review of Health-Related Quality Of Life in Beta Thalassemia From A Global Perspective
Authors: Vasanta Sengupta
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