Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 076X   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0791

Volume 4 ~ Issue 1

# Article Title
1 A Rare Case of Impacted and Inverted Primary Incisor Teeth "A Case of Developmental Anomaly"
Authors: Merve S. Mutluay, Abidin Talha Mutluay
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2 Lip Mucocele: A Case Report
Authors: Dr.Rushi Kumar Patel, Dr.Nishant Singh, Dr.Aniket Singh Chauhan, Dr.Vinay Kumar
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3 Katalu Mayu as an Hemostatic Agent after Tooth Extraction In Patients with Impaired Hemostatis - Prospective Analysis of 300 Patients
Authors: Bhavik Patel, Koshalraj T. Goyal, Rohit Thakkar, Samir Uppal
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4 Ochsner Sherren regimen Vs Appendectomy in Adults with Acute Appendicitis
Authors: Dr. Alok Chandra Prakash, Dr. Samir Toppo
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5 Socio-Cultural Factors That Perpetuate ThePractice Of Female Genital Mutilation In Samburu County, Kenya.
Authors: Catherine Omasaja, Dennis Butto
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6 Breakthrough in Radiographic Imaging in Appropriation of Relevant Diagnosis of Thalassemia
Authors: Dr. Parveen Chandna, Dr. Jeevika M.U., Dr. Siddesh M.B., Dr. Shees Ismail Kazia, Dr. K. Rajesh Reddy
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7 Phytotherapeutics and Endodontics - A Review
Authors: Dr. Seema D. Pathak, Dr. Pradnya V. Bansode, Dr. M. B. Wavdhane, . Shirish B. Khedgikar, Dr. Anjali Pandey
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8 Non-Surgical Repair of A Perforation Defect-A Case Report
Authors: Dr.Pradnya V. Bansode, Dr. Seema D.Pathak, Dr.M.B Wavdhane, Dr.Shirish Khedgikar, Dr.Shraddha Gite
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9 Analgesic Effect of Lidocaine in Orofacial Pain Of Rats
Authors: Ja-Hyeong Choi,Yun-Kyung Kim,Hyeon-Jeong Lee,Hye-Jung Jin, Min-Kyoung Park,Sae-Hee Cheon,Min-Kyung Lee
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10 Management of Epistaxis in Patients on Anti-Platelet and/ Or Anticoagulant Medication
Authors: Ms. Rupali Sawant Mrcs Ent
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11 Achievements and Implications of HIV Prevention Programme among Injecting Drug Users: A Systematic Evaluation of HAF II Project in Bayelsa State, Nigeria
Authors: Ademola L.Adelekan,Temple R. Iluma,Prosper Okafor,Enuma Charles, Temilade Adegoke,Oladipupo Olaleye,Diepreye Alagoa,Eunice Sammy- Boy,Elizabeth Edoni,Olusegun Adeoye,Michael Olugbile,Emmanuel Alhassan,Tobias John,Oluwakemi Ladeinde
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12 Incidence of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Injury in Total Thyroidectomy Done for Multinodular Goitre
Authors: Manasvi, Manohar v. Pai
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13 Biochemical Parameters in the Steady State of Sickle Cell Anaemia: Females Seem to Have Advantage
Authors: Uche CL, Akinola No
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14 Relationship between Health Care System Setup and Adherence To Tuberculosis Treatment In Western Kenya
Authors: Everlyne Nyanchera Morema, Morris Senghor Shisanya
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15 "Abnormal Vaginal Discharge- A Clinical & Microbiological Study in Teaching Hospital"
Authors: Dr.Girija Malavalli Kempasiddaiah
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16 Effect of Intramuscular Injection Glycopyrrolate in Elderly Patients during Spinal Anaesthesia
Authors: Dr.Nidhisharma, Dr. P. Bhosle, Dr. S. S. Aphale
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