Journal of Medical and Dental Science Research
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Volume 9 ~ Issue 11

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1 Self Inflicted Injury of Oral Mucosa: A Case Report and Review of Fibro Epithelial Polyp
Authors: Bikash kumar bal, Ranjith kumar Pittala, Akhil.R, Rajala venkata subbaiah
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2 Endodontic management of mandibular premolar with two roots & two root canals: A case report
Authors: Dr. Radhika S. Rathi
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3 Provision of neuroprotective dose of Magnesium Sulphate injection in Preterm Labor and its benefits as tocolytic
Authors: Dr Supriti B Gharai, Dr.Vidyadhar Bangal, Dr. Vaishali Hake
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4 Anuria due to an Eyeless Urethral Catheter: A Case Report
Authors: Olatoregun F.B, Mukoro G.D, Edomwonyi N.P, Tabowei B.I
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5 Pattern of Presentations of Penile Fracture. A Five Year Review In Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba, South Eastern Nigeria
Authors: Dr. Ibe. U.Ibe, Dr. John Austin Chikezie, Dr. Obinna Chikezie
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6 Immunization Practices Of Mothers Of Under-Five Children Attending Infant Welfare Clinic In Selected Primary Health Care Centers In Sagamu Lga, Ogun State
Authors: Maitanmi Bukola Titilope, OmotayoJesuferanmi Abiola, Maitanmi Julius Olatade
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7 Spectrum of Etiology for children of short stature presented in tertiary care hospital
Authors: Dr Mohammed Arif Jr Pediatrics, Dr Himanshu Shriram Rainchandani JR, Pediatrics
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8 Establishing of institutional diagnostic reference level forcomputed tomography Skull scan with an Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Igoniye Williams, Briggs-Kamara M.A, Isreal Cookey, Sigalo, F.B
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9 Delay In Diagnosis Of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE): A Case Report
Authors: Nauman Ismat Butt, Fahmina Ashfaq, Bilal Rasheed Khan, Aniqa Anser
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10 A Comparative Study Between Public And Private Teaching Hospitals On Utilization Of Control Measures Regarding Hospital Acquired Infections Among Nurses At Ogun East Senatorial District Teaching Hospitals, Ogun State
Authors: Ogungbesan Joshua O, EssienIdaraesit Michael, Maitanmi Bukola
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11 Ectopic mesenteric right kidney: An unusual and rare differential for mesenteric mass with literature review
Authors: Mukoro Duke George, Lawan Suleiman
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12 Impression Techniques for Patients with Limited Mouth Opening- A Review
Authors: Dr.Swapna C, Dr.Priyanka K, Dr.Sheejith M, Dr.Niveditha Prasad
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13 C-Reactive Protein In Dental Infections – A Mini Review
Authors: Dr. Nirmala Chandrasekaran, Dr. Anil Kumar Ramachandran, Dr. Anjana K S
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14 Rethinking Healthcare: Assessing Attitudes and Perception Across Sectors on Women's Health in the United States
Authors: Hezal Gulati
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15 Pathological root migration of endodontically treated teeth subsequent to vertical root fracture – A CASE REPORT
Authors: Dr. Anil Kumar Ramachandran, Dr. Nirmala Chandrasekaran
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16 Assessment of Etiology of renal failure in pregnancy in Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. Kanthi Priya
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17 An Insight review on the agony amongst the family of Intensive Care Unit patients
Authors: Dr Nitin Tarale, Dr. Desh Deepak
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