Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 7 ~ Issue 5

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# Article Title
1 The Effect of the Addition of Palm Kernel Cake in Making Lactobacillus sp Inoculum on Enzyme Activity
Authors: Yoga Seftiadi, Mirnawati, Mirzah
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2 The Effect of Fermented Palm Kernel Cake With Bacillus subtilisIn Rations on Production Performance and Quail Egg Quality
Authors: Kadran Fajrona, Qurata Aini, Mirnawati
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3 Emergence of seedlings of Coriandrum sativum L. submitted to different proportions of organic substrates
Authors: Mírya Grazielle Tôrres Portela
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4 Comparison Of Reproductive Performance Boerka And Jawarandu Goats (Capra Hircus) In Tanah Datar Regency
Authors: Mulya Betri Yani, Hendri, Jaswandi
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5 Locust Invasion Prediction for Future Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture in East Africa" Case Study SmartAfriHub Hackathon Challenge 4
Authors: ObotAkaninyene
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6 Simple Correlation and Some Genetic Parameters of Yieldbread Wheatgenotypes and Itscomponents
Authors: Mohammed Ali Hussain, Mohammed Othman Mohammed
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7 Effects on Processing Use of either Liquid or Powder Enzymes in Animal Feed -Review
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8 Adoption of Tropical Fruits in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia at Glimpse
Authors: Truayinet Mekuriaw
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