Journal of Research in Agriculture and Animal Science
ISSN : 2321 - 9459

Volume 8 ~ Issue 3

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# Article Title
1 The Effect Addition of Fish Oil to BSF (Black soldier fly) Larvae Growth Media as a Source of Omega-3 Based on Mixed Fermentation of Blood and Tofu on the Production BSF Maggod and Nutrient Content of BSF Maggot Meal
Authors: Muhammad Rido, Montesqrit, Harnentis
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2 Informal Sources of Agricultural Credit Available Among Rural Farmers in OFU Local Government Area of Kogi State in Nigeria
Authors: Egbo B.N., Oguche P., Ikehi M.E.
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3 Estimated Economic Losses Due To the Abnormality of Interval Calving In Pasundan Breeding
Authors: Euis Nia Setiawati, Novie Andri Setianto, Elies Lasmini, Vony Armelia
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4 Effect of Nitrogen Fertigation on Nutrients Content and Uptake of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) under Drip Irrigation System
Authors: Asad Mohammad Fathi AlKhader
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5 Utilization of Informal Sources of Agricultural Credit among Crop Farmers in OFU Local Government of Kogi State, Nigeria
Authors: Oguche, P., Ikehi, M.E., Ekenta, L.U.Egbo, B.N
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6 Floristic composition and weed dynamics in chickpea under Jatropha based Agroforestry
Authors: Anil Kumar Kori, K.K. Jain, R.K. Samaiya
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7 Pathogenic Bacteria found in five Fish species sold in Bittan fish market of Bhopal
Authors: Sumer Hassan, T.A. Qureshi
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