Journal of Research in Applied Mathematics
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 0743   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0735

Volume 3 ~ Issue 6

# Article Title
1 Applications of Numerical Functional Analysis in Atomless Finite Measure Spaces
Authors: YousifMohammed Modawy Elmahy, Montasir Salman ElfadelTyfor*
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2 Using Mathematical Foundations To Study The Equivalence Between Mass And Energy In Special Relativity
Authors: Montasir Salman ElfadelTyfor, Yousif Mohammed Modawy Elmahy
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3 Effect of an Inclined Magnetic Field on Peristaltic Flow of Williamson Fluid in an Inclined Channel
Authors: Khalid Al-Qaissy, Ahmed M. Abdulhadi
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4 Limit in Dual Space
Authors: Amar Nath Kumar, Brij Nandan Prasad, Amar Kumar
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5 On Vector Functions With A Parameter
Authors: Henrik Stenlunds
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6 Block Hybrid Method for the Solution of General Second Order Ordinary Differentials Equations
Authors: Abada, A.A, Aboiyar, T
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7 On the Use of the Causal Analysis in Small Type Fit Indices of Adult Mathematics Learners
Authors: Adelodun, Olusegun Ayodele
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8 Modelling of Sex Preference: A Case of Male Preferring Stopping Rule
Authors: Talawar A, S. Sarvade R. M
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