Journal of Research in Applied Mathematics
ISSN (o) : 2394 - 0743   ISSN (p) : 2394 - 0735

Volume 7 ~ Issue 5

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1 Core theorems of double sequences through the generalized de la Vallée-Poussin Mean
Authors: Zakawat U. Siddiqui, Mohammed A. Chamalwa, Ahmadu Kiltho
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2 Estimation of accurate shot and goal probabilities in football matches with Geometric Distribution and Negative Binomial (Pascal) Distribution
Authors: Şenol Çelik
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3 Approximate Analytical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations with Caputo Fractional Derivative
Authors: Sahib Abdulkadhim Sachit
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4 Adomian Decomposition Method for Solving Nonlinear Fractional PDEs
Authors: Hussein Gatea Taher
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