Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering
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CURRENT ISSUE : Volume 6 ~ Issue 1

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1 The Effect of the Design Parameters on Mass Flow Measurement and Control in an Orifice Plate Flow Rig
Authors: Ekong, Godwin I.
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2 Theoretical Analysis Versus Experimental Results Of The Flat Tube Compact Heat Exchanger (Automotive Radiator)
Authors: Andr√© L. C. Aroucha, Fernando L. Pereira, √Člcio Nogueira
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3 Part Load 2nd Law Analyses of, 3-Pressure Stage Turbines with 6 heaters, 350 MW Power Plants
Authors: Malik F.Elmzughi, Elham M.Radwan, Mawadda A.Bahoor, Elhadi I. Dekam
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4 Sensitivity and Parametric Investigation of Optimum Thermal Insulation Thickness for External Walls
Authors: Malik.F. Elmzughi, Samah.K. Alghoul, Luaye.M. Sharawy
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5 Numerical analysis of 16 cm2 effective area of PEMFC for performance study
Authors: Dr V Lakshminarayanan, Mohamed Sameer T K, Kailash Karunakaran
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6 Considerations on Nanotechnology in Industrial Applications
Authors: Osman Yazicioglu, Oguz Borat
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7 Analysis and Evaluation of Dual Axis Solar Tracker based on Light Sensor
Authors: Sourav Singh, Ravindra KumarJain, Mukesh Kumar Gupta
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