Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering
ISSN : 2321 - 8185

Volume 7 ~ Issue 12

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# Article Title
1 The Design and Fabrication of a Horizontal Hand Baler
Authors: Kotingo Kelvin, Dio Ambakederemo Wenapere, Agonga Oyinbonogha Fred
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2 Optimization of a Prototype Agricultural Waste Shredder
Authors: Jimoh, R.O., Obiakor, S.C., Haruna, A.A., Willoughgy, F.A., Ojukwu, O.E., Ochin, N.G., Ojo, O.A., Ehiosun, P.E .
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3 Numerical investigation of a Specially Designed Shrouded Wind Turbine with a flanged diffuser
Authors: R.S. El-Dawy, M. El-Samanoudy, A.A. Ghorab
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4 Research on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of University Information Management under the Background of Big Data
Authors: Zhi Liping Chen Pengrun
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5 Mechanical Engineering—Its Origin, History, Progress, Paradigm Shift, Trends And Future
Authors: Sujoy Kumar Saha
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