Journal of Software Engineering and Simulation
ISSN (o) : 2321 - 3795   ISSN (p) : 2321 - 3809

Volume 8 ~ Issue 12

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1 Cyber Crime Estimation: A Hybrid Key Indicator Using Data Analytics and Machine Learning
Authors: Mrs. P. Yamuna, Y. Saideep, K.Tejaswini, C. Vishal, P. Sagarika
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08120104    
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2 Measuring the performance of the electronic exam registration system on the server and server less architecture
Authors: M.Murić, V.Mladenović
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08120517    
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3 PATE (Partially adjusted thermal Enhancement) method and software for optimizing Computational Runtime in heating/cooling related simulation software (February 2022)
Authors: Bafnoti Gabra
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08121828    
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4 Real-Time Age and Gender Prediction
Authors:Prof. Meera Sawalkar, Shubhangi Chavan, Vaishanavi Jadhav, Aakanksha Malusare
DOI:  10.35629/9795-08122931    
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